22 January 2006

It was difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning. After spending a stifling night in some of the hottest weather on record, I was not looking forward to the 41C/106F day ahead.

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09 January 2006

The medical profession is not renowned for its empathy with pain.

For example, "This won't hurt a bit" directly translates to "This will probably hurt quite a bit". Similarly, "You might feel a slight pinch" will translate to "I'll have to peel you off the ceiling after this".

But there are two circumstances where any decent medical practitioner will take one look at you and give you a prescription for the good stuff.

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04 January 2006
2005-The year that didn't use lube

[All credit to Joelle for the title.]

OK, OK, it wasn't all bad... there was Continuum and London and lots of other cool things.


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11 December 2005

I have been promising photos from Continuum since, well, since July. Now I've finally got off my arse and here they are. Courtesy of Medge & Bean and Michelle, I present, Continuum, a story in pictures.

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08 December 2005
Mirrors, Masks and Uninvited Guests

Wheeeee! Today I finally got to see MirrorMask!

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06 December 2005
Photographic Memory

Periscope up!

So, what did you get up to in November, me?

Well, me, let me tell you...

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04 October 2005
A little disillusioned, I'm a little frail, everything's raw & it hurts to inhale

Angie Hart seems to be writing the soundtrack of my life recently, and a Splendid job she's doing of it too.

Back to the world of the chemically enhanced, I'm afraid. Hence the blog silence. Some periscope down time to sort out my head. But here is some random stuff to keep you entertained.

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25 August 2005
Today’s too much for you

You know those days where you have to fly interstate for work and there is terrible turbulance, causing several runways at your destination to be closed and keeping you in the bumpy air for an extra 20 minutes and you're working on a project that you haven't been properly briefed on and you find yourself in a room full of grumpy clients and you have no idea what you're there for and they aren't giving anything away and you have to wing it and you know it's going disasterously (and you find out later that the client agrees) and afterwards your cab driver can't get you to where you're staying and you're locked out anyway and you have to sit on your suitcase on the street waiting for someone to let you in and your project manager isn't answering his phone so he can help dig you out of this hole you're in and you end up going out for dinner only to realise you're walking slap bang through the bad part of town and when you make it back to your room in one piece you get a phone call from your brother telling you that he and his partner have 30 days to move out of the apartment they moved into only a month ago because their landlord defaulted on his mortgage and you finally go to bed only to discover that you've been wearing your underwear sideways?

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19 July 2005
Continuum - A Con in Three Parts

It all began with anal bleaching.

It went downhill from there...

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12 July 2005
Penises, Penguins & Girl Scout Cookies

Dear Big Brother

I am writing to say that I was shocked, horrified and appalled by your most recent episode of Big Brother Uncut (a compilation of the naughty bits of Big Brother that can't be screened during prime time).

I don't know what sort of message you were trying to send, but I was embarrassed in front of an overseas visitor while watching your program.


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14 June 2005
Belated Meme-age

Before I get onto my well overdue meme-age (as tagged by the lovely JaNell quite some time ago), I'd just like to reassure my legion of readers that the photo in the previous entry was very carefully posed to make me look as much like Audrey, Sophia or Jackie as possible. After all, none of them were known for their double chins.

I think it's impossible for me to get that thin, even if I wanted to. So have no fear, I still have dangerous curves!

Now, on with the meme.

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26 May 2005
That Kind of Woman

You know what's really nice?

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24 May 2005

The number one thing feared by all presenters?

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08 May 2005
Living the life

Note to self: when you check into a hotel and you just cannot find a room with your number on it, you're not stupid...

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28 April 2005
No Weddings & A Funeral

In my experience, it's the coffin that finally undoes me.

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